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Maybe, just maybe…
A coms4kids club member (aged 11) attended our new Robotics Club. They had such a great time. It got them thinking about things that interact and how easy it is to build them. They came up with a brilliant idea for a new product.
A brilliant idea!

The same child then attended our 3D design / 3D printing club. Pieces of the jigsaw started to fit. It would be easy to design and print the extra parts they needed for their new amazing product. Doors were opening and they had almost all the tools.
Almost all the tools.

The same child then completed the Image and Web Design club. EUREKA!! They learnt all about the Internet and modern web technology. They built their own website, the perfect marketing tool for their new product.
A new business was born… maybe.

An after school club in Surrey that teaches real technology

Coms4kids is a dynamic and FUN after school technology club based in Guildford, Surrey. Our computer technology clubs run in primary and junior schools around Guildford and are intended for children in years 4, 5 and 6.

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Why only years 4, 5 and 6?

At that age, children are very capable and keen to learn real world skills. Coms4kids clubs give them an advantage moving into secondary education. Many children already love gaming and playing with technology at speed, but spend most of their time simply pressing buttons. At coms4kids, we show them what’s behind the buttons and a whole lot more. We target years 4, 5 and 6 because at that age, they are ready to understand more complex topics and make the most of that knowledge.

There’s a lot of free stuff out there. Open source is great! It is used right now by professionals and companies to create innovative new start ups. At coms4kids we teach REAL technology using the latest innovations.  We give existing technology skills a purpose and open doors. Children literally take away a toolbox full of skills after the clubs which can be used through secondary school and into their professional adult lives.

A great story… A coms4kids club member (age 10) completed our Image and Web Design club topic. She now understands a lot about websites. She knows the best platform to create one and how it works, how to set one up, and how much free stuff is available to make it look really ace. She also learnt about the Internet, how that functions, where it came from, and how to stay safe online. She was also introduced to real coding so she could learn more in future. Her dad was about to pay someone to create a website. Instead his own daughter directed him to the best options, and those options were either free, or very cheap. The only thing he had to do was spend time creating it… which he did.. and was very happy, and very proud of his daughter. Real technology, real skills and amazing kids.

The end of the technology story

3 FUN clubs packed full of content

Why these three?

Coms4kids only teach the most relevant items related to technology. Right now, we believe these are the most important areas for kids:

Images and Web Design

Why Websites?

3D Design and Printing

Why 3D?

Robotics & Programming

Why Robotics?

Whats happening?

Our Promo Video

This is our promotional video from just after our launch in 2015. We now cover three major technology clubs and have others in the pipeline. Unlike many pay-for after school club companies, we only teach ‘real’ technology and our clubs therefore give children a boost going into secondary school. To this end, we are now developing a STEM educational resource to be included as part of the National Curriculum for Computer Studies and Design Technology. If you’d like to know more, then please get in touch.

FAQs and Explanations

What do we do?2017-02-27T14:59:27+00:00

We teach REAL core technology, and the kids really love it!

What do we NOT do?2017-02-27T15:00:39+00:00

We do not teach anything that just involves clicking buttons.

“We want kids to gain the advantage of learning critical technology skills, and we hope our coms4kids pioneers will grow to become the technology pioneers of the future.

It’s all about the kids…2017-02-27T15:01:21+00:00

Children are great at multi-tasking. They sift through digital information at speed and adopt technology with ease. However the technology they use often doesn’t teach them how it works, or how they have the power to develop it themselves. Aged 9-11 (or earlier) is the perfect time to introduce them to the inner workings of their digital world through a fun, educational and rewarding after school club.

Our aims …2017-02-27T15:01:58+00:00

The key aim for coms4kids is to introduce students to the type of software and technology they may encounter in secondary education and in the world of employment. Each step of the way the club topics link back to the new schools’ computer curriculum, augmenting their core skills and fulfilling core educational objectives.  However, we also go way beyond the curriculum and open doors to the World of technology used by professionals right now.

Image and Web Design Synopsis2017-02-27T15:02:38+00:00
  • Learn a web design system used by over 80% of websites which have a content management system (CMS) and open their eyes to the power of the web and how to control it.
  • Build their own website learning image and coding skills so they can take those forward into secondary education and on to professional careers.
  • Most importantly, we also include an extensive module on Internet safety.
3D Design and 3D Printing Synopsis2017-02-27T15:03:12+00:00
  • Use a simple 3D design software which is perfect to teach the fundamentals of this area of technology (considered to be the most rapidly growing area of technology with its vast array of applications).
  • Actually send their work off to a commercial 3D print company using stereolithographic printing (a soup of resin!) and receive the results. Much like a professional team creating prototype product designs.
  • Take those skills on to learn how to use a more advanced professional cloud based 3D design software used by the professionals (REAL technology).
Robotics, Programming, STEM Synopsis2017-07-06T08:25:10+00:00
  • This club uses some very powerful robots with an Arduino microprocessor at their core. This means imagination is the only limit to an extensive range of projects they can cover. This club is seriously great fun! Kids learn STEM topics that link seamlessly with coding and programming and beauty is the children see immediate results as their robots whizz across the classroom.
  • The children use software based on SCRATCH, but it’s much more advanced. It introduces the more complex concepts using sensor values as variables (our robots are covered in sensors), operators, statements and much much more.
  • This club topic touches on the fundamental principles of electronics engineering and ‘making things’ (the Maker Community). In our new world, with its Internet of Things, this club is not only great fun, but we think it is really important for kids to complete. It empowers them for the future.
  • The only possible negative from this club is that your kids will want to put these robots on their Christmas list! Sorry!
Sparks Electronics Club Synopsis2018-08-29T16:03:02+00:00
  • This club is brand new – more FAQs will be available soon. If you can’t wait, then please get in touch.
HOW does the club work?2017-02-27T15:08:02+00:00

At coms4kids we cover a lot of ground, but each session is structured to achieve specific objectives, and the club builds over time.  Skills introduced earlier on are put into practice again in later modules. By the end the children are doing things will ease that might have seemed daunting first hand. Bite-sized chunks of information link together using a variety of teaching/interactive methods.  There is beauty in purpose.  We never teach in isolation, so we never hear the words “why are we doing this?”.

By way of example from the first club, one minute everyone is checking a concept on the interactive whiteboard, the next they are on the coms4kids mini website putting that instruction into action, or they are amending code on their own website and seeing immediate results. They learn the basics of X, Y and Z axis in 3D design and actually take ideas from two dimensions (on paper) into three dimensions in easy understandable steps. We don’t let anyone flounder. There are kids with amazing IT skills already and there are others that will save something on their computer, then not be able to find it again. We ensure the club has a ‘buddy’ atmosphere. We help everyone whatever their aptitude, and if we get a kid with amazing skills then we actively encourage them to help their friends too. In the robotics club topic children work in pairs. This team approach lets each child contribute with their own individual strengths… it’s also really good fun to have someone at another end of the room when there’s a robot that needs stopping!

Some tasks need a group approach and some are individual challenges. If anyone misses a session, then we bring that club session to them at home through a secure link. As long as they have a good look round before the next club, then they’ll be flying by the time they get back. We want everyone to cross the finish line with the same box of tools.

What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

REAL technology2017-02-27T15:04:56+00:00

At coms4kids, children are taught technology in depth. They are taught how to master the tools used by professionals right now in industry.  For example, one module of our Image and Web club teaches the children how a website page is structured and lets them change key parts. They learn how it all fits together (and how it fits into the internet structure), how to upload it, what happens when a search engine sees it (how does a search engine do that?), how they can protect it… how they can do it at home… Every topic is rich in content and serious FUN!

TANGIBLE skills2017-02-27T15:05:28+00:00

Every club aims to give the kids technology skills they can use as soon as they leave the club. The software and resources they need are out there, and are usually totally free.  We give the kids a tool box of skills with everything they need, and clear direction on where to find other tools.

LINKS to core educational objectives2017-02-27T15:05:59+00:00

Almost everything we do at coms4kids opens kids’ eyes to the possibilities surrounding STEM subjects (Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths). Imagine a kid who now understands algorithms and basic coding concepts learnt in school (as part of the schools’ computer curriculum), then imagine that kid applying those principles to change variables to make an object fly across their website, or getting a robot to perform complex manoeuvres.

AHEAD of the curve2017-02-27T15:06:33+00:00

We not only want kids to surf that technology wave, but to land safely back on the beach and walk with confidence and pride.  All primary aged kids have HUGE potential to learn real technology and gain skills they can take on to secondary education. We want to hear more of this in secondary schools: “!! … you know that already?”.

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