Proud Designers

At coms4kids, we are very proud of our club members. They come up with some amazing ideas! Our club members took on the world of 3D design and learnt the basics. Then they learnt more advanced skills and used those skills to create items which were then printed in white resin using a stereolithographic [...]

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Awesome 3D designs by kids

We just had to share some awesome designs. The kids have done some great 3D work and the printing has started. Here's just a couple. The scaffolding is used to support the items as they emerge from a soup of resin having been Stereolithographically printed (now that's got to be a triple word score [...]

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3D Printing suddenly gets even bigger

  Up until now, most 3D printers worked horizontally, creating beautifully crafted objects and parts from the ground up. Now a company called Stratasys has come up with an 'infinite build device' which allows printing vertically and so it can build much wider and longer objects. It's first major application will be to make [...]

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3D print a house..

3D printing has been taken a whole new level over the last two years.  They can now 3D print a house!  Often these enormous printers used recycled materials and waste which also means they are great for the environment.  Give the housing shortage in the UK, in coming years we are likely to see an [...]

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Purpose to learning something is key.

At coms4kids, we always make sure the topics covered have a foundation in the real world, i.e. answering the question: "Why should I learn this, and what can I achieve with this skill in the real world?" The area of 3D printing has many applications and the three main areas emerging as drivers for the [...]

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A 3D printing landmark just occurred

The 3D printing industry is on a knife edge. It is changing so rapidly with everyone racing to develop the next technological advance that sparks are flying (or at least resin). This company 'Carbon 3D' just demonstrated a new print technique that produced a model in just six and half minutes. This compares to it's [...]

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