Kids can code – and it’s beautiful

Our best website design club session yet - with awesome code resultsWho says you can't teach primary school children to build websites and code? We don't. The results speak for themselves. The kids did the following with amazing results:Hard coded a 'div' (box) using HTML on a page on their websitesCorrectly used the right syntax [...]

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Should this be in every primary school in the UK? We think so.

The Challenge - preparing Primary School aged children for Secondary School: The national schools curriculum at Key Stage 2 for Computer Science and Design Technology continually evolves.  The resource in this area for teachers is vast, ever changing and complex.  Lesson preparation, particularly for computer studies can be challenging. One thing teachers don't have [...]

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Robot football – it got crazy!

Robot football at the coms4kids new robotics club After intuitively programming their robots, the kids then fixed flags and set to having an awesome robot football match! We had no idea who won, but who cared.. it was so much fun!! Next week we will programming sensors for light, sound, gyroscopic motion and much more. [...]

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13.1 miles completed for the kids

Surrey Half completed supporting Challengers, Guildford. Well that was a rather wet and pretty awesome 13.1miles! Well done to everyone supporting various charities who ran the Surrey Half Marathon. Lots of worthy causes and some folk who do it in real style (not me though, hence no photos! :) Huge thanks to all [...]

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Proud Designers

At coms4kids, we are very proud of our club members. They come up with some amazing ideas! Our club members took on the world of 3D design and learnt the basics. Then they learnt more advanced skills and used those skills to create items which were then printed in white resin using a stereolithographic [...]

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Awesome 3D designs by kids

We just had to share some awesome designs. The kids have done some great 3D work and the printing has started. Here's just a couple. The scaffolding is used to support the items as they emerge from a soup of resin having been Stereolithographically printed (now that's got to be a triple word score [...]

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