Proud Designers

At coms4kids, we are very proud of our club members. They come up with some amazing ideas! Our club members took on the world of 3D design and learnt the basics. Then they learnt more advanced skills and used those skills to create items which were then printed in white resin using a stereolithographic [...]

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Awesome 3D designs by kids

We just had to share some awesome designs. The kids have done some great 3D work and the printing has started. Here's just a couple. The scaffolding is used to support the items as they emerge from a soup of resin having been Stereolithographically printed (now that's got to be a triple word score [...]

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3D Printing suddenly gets even bigger

  Up until now, most 3D printers worked horizontally, creating beautifully crafted objects and parts from the ground up. Now a company called Stratasys has come up with an 'infinite build device' which allows printing vertically and so it can build much wider and longer objects. It's first major application will be to make [...]

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The rapidly changing world of robotics

There are some amazing and fun robotics kits out there (some are a little expensive).  One of the main resources for after school clubs and secondary school  robotics projects has been Lego Mindstorms.  However, there are a few new kids on the block not least this fab introduction which has been properly crowd funded: Ziro, the [...]

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at coms4kids :) 2016 is a HUGE year for us. New clubs starting, new sign ups and lots of news! The big one is an amazing new club using the latest CAD technology. Watch this space and have a fab time (hope Santa brings lots of [...]

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