Should this be in every primary school in the UK? We think so.

The Challenge - preparing Primary School aged children for Secondary School: The national schools curriculum at Key Stage 2 for Computer Science and Design Technology continually evolves.  The resource in this area for teachers is vast, ever changing and complex.  Lesson preparation, particularly for computer studies can be challenging. One thing teachers don't have [...]

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The future of CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

In March this year a possible revolution in computer aided design began. After three years over 64 million dollars in seed funding, onshape is finally taking shape. Almost everything we touch has at some point been manipulated by CAD before being manufactured. The biggest challenge up until now has been the fact that teams of [...]

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SATS and the loss of diversity.

What is happening between Primary and Secondary schools? A side effect of SATS is that some really interesting subjects are having to be scaled back or lost all together in Primary Schools. With a main focus on English and Maths, children in Primary education are receiving less exposure to subjects like History, Geography and Music (etc).  [...]

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BBC planning to give away Micro Bit

If your kids are starting secondary school this autumn, then watch out for the Micro Bit. As part of the year of coding, the BBC is collaborating with several partners, including chip-designer Arm, Microsoft and Samsung to bring a stripped down micro-computer (similar to the Raspberry Pi) to all Year 7s. The plan is give [...]

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