Kids can code – and it’s beautiful

Our best website design club session yet - with awesome code resultsWho says you can't teach primary school children to build websites and code? We don't. The results speak for themselves. The kids did the following with amazing results:Hard coded a 'div' (box) using HTML on a page on their websitesCorrectly used the right syntax [...]

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… and today kids… we will be programming

At coms4kids we teach nothing in isolation. Children are learning the basics of programming in Primary Schools, but sometimes a question that MUST be answered is not being asked... That question is:  "why do we need to learn programming?" The answer is: Every piece of technology we use has been created using programming. Programming creates [...]

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The most fun day is nearly here…

As with any technology club, there's always a day which stands out as a target for excitement. The kids are about to install their websites and begin to add bespoke content.  Some of them created REALLY clever images and some very funny animated GIFs in previous sessions. We can't wait to get them online.  All [...]

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