What’s in the pipeline?

Coms4kids has 7 new innovative clubs in the pipeline.  The most recent club teaching robotics just rolled out. This latest club gets the kids building/engineering, coding/programming and having serious fun with robots. It also links up STEM topics taught in the National Curriculum here in the UK.  A bit cheeky to make a comparison.. our robots are ace (!) and they aren’t Lego.  Our clubs use a top end ‘hard as nails’ robotic system which at their core use an Arduino board.  We only teach REALY technology.

Other clubs range from 3D animation to game coding, environment technology, space technology and NASA to exercise technology. We are also in discussion with an eminent vulcanologist to design a club based around geological technology and volcanoes!  These clubs take time to perfect so bear with us.  We are determined to only offer high quality clubs that give kids tangible skills and open their eyes to the vast opportunities set out in front of them.  This means we will never simply re-hash something freely available on the internet. We will most certainly use free software and tools, but only in the context of a high quality club that has been properly designed and tested and most importantly… is really great fun!

If you have a great idea for a club, or would like more information on any of our initiatives, then please get in touch.