Sparks Electronics Club is here! Circuits are fun fun fun…

NB: there aren’t any ‘actual’ sparks in this club.. except bright sparks 😉

Actually, that’s not strictly true! We do have a Van der Graaf generator that creates over 20,000 Volts, makes super sparks and is awesome at making hair stand on end (it’s perfectly safe though).

Sparks is our much developed brand new club which started at the end of 2018. It covers all the basic concepts of electronics using some amazing tools and is a real hands-on club. The final project (and take away item) creates a spooky wooden glow box that only glows when it gets dark using conductive paint and lots of other components. This club is proving to be something really special and very very popular!

More information will follow on this page soon, but if you want to know more for your school, then please get in touch.

Below: Testing the new circuit for the spooky glow box. A breadboard is perfect to test things and we test a lot to ensure every club is great fun and educational. The actual circuit is much easier to create using conductive paint in a large wooden box!